There are many Montessori activities for toddlers that can be done in classrooms, outside and at home. From art to science and history! It can all be done and taught. When at home, you can start by creating a daily planner for yourself so that way you can keep track of the activities you are doing or are going to do with your children. Keep in mind that Montessori curriculum is a self-centered learning framework, where children are free to choose what they want to learn from a few items provided and are not force to learn a specific topic at a specific time. Remember, Montessori curriculum is divided into five sections: cultural studies, sensorial activities, practical life skills, mathematics and language. You can read more about this on my previous post.

Outside activities for kids

Some great outside activities for toddlers include water play, taking care of plants and/or animals and observing the weather. It is very important to follow and observe the children as they learn about the outside world. Connecting with nature is also a valuable part of our children’s development. With this, they can enjoy the music birds make, the beauty in the trees, the colors of the flowers and even learn about different seasons and the weather. They can also appreciate and understand the importance of taking care of our surroundings like watering outside plants or feeding birds.

Outdoor activities for practical life

  • Walking on the line
    • This activity is used to help children learn how to control their bodies. It also helps with equilibrium and to develop balance. You can have the children follow a line outside made of sticks, walk straight on a piece of log or even walk the line on the edge of patio. There are many ways you can get creative with this activity and help your children with this practical life skill. Another idea you may use is creating a line with leaves and having them walk on the line. Another fun idea is to add an item they can balance after they had practice. It will make it fun for your children and they it will help them too. Win-win.
  • Cleaning up the environment
    • Children can go outside and pick up some small trash they may see lying around. You can provide them with small gloves and trash bags and observe them help clean outside. They can also help water the plants or even shovel some snow. All they need is a little guidance and for parents to always make sure they won’t come close to any harmful objects. Cleanliness is amazing but so is safety.

Sensorial activities for outdoors

  • Creating patterns with rocks and leaves is a great sensorial activity. They can create pattern with different colors, sizes or even types of rocks. It’s a creative and fun way to practice following and creating patterns.
  • Color hunt is an easy activity you can do with your children and don’t even need to provide any materials. They can point out where they see a specific color or they can tell you what they see with the color blue, red and other. This same activity can also be done with shapes. They can even mix it up by pointing a specific shape and color.


Math activities for toddlers

Children are exposed to math in their daily activities like in calendars, clocks, steps taken and other daily activities or object they may see throughout the day. You can start by counting how many steps there are in stairs, how many windows they have around and counting many other items that surround you.

  • Magnets are very fun to use for children. You can find magnetic numbers and even play with them on your fridge if you don’t have a magnetic board. Some shelves also include a magnetic side which is amazing for these types of learning.
  • Most kids enjoy playing with blocks and many of us have them lying around. They are great to use for practicing patterns as well as counting the pieces by size, shape or colors. They can practice the numbers by creating towers with the same amount of blocks or even by creating different structures with the same colors and amount of blocks. Let their creativity go wild.


There are many, many activities that can be done with our children. These were a few ideas that I have enjoyed seeing my children practice and have fun with. If you have an awesome idea you would like to add, please don’t be afraid to leave a comment. I will continue posting other wonderful activities that are great for our children’s development and are all time fun.

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  1. Olalekan Taliat


    Children love to be involved in activities . another of such which was not mentioned in this beautiful article is GUESS GAME. Sometimes we tends to forget our children want to be challenged. For example my four year old boy loves to do things he has not being taught by himself. He seems to have discovered a practical learning skill by frowning at anyone trying to do things for him. This article really points at the better part of our childrens ability to discover their selves.

    • Sandy Ness


      Hello and thank you for you comment. I do agree that guessing games are a most! Thank you for the input 🙂 

  2. ajibola40


    Thanks for writing this article on Montessori activities for toddlers.i find this article so full of information and educative on how to make learn more easily with there parents,i have not try this before with my kid because am always a busy person but reading this article I feel like trying all this with my kids this weekend and I know it going to be fun and educative as well 

  3. Adamuts


    Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for every parents to read and digest.chikdren derives fun in all this activities but it’s more fun when we includes our support as a parent. Children are fast learner and they needs activities to boost up their enjoy playing in the garden, playing with shapes, colours and size.  This is an insightful article to understand more about children Montessori. Your article is helpful. Best regards

    • Sandy Ness


      Thank you! We must never forget how beneficial it is for children to do many different activities and in different locations. 🙂 

  4. Ola


    Tons of value to be found on this post on Montessori activities for toddlers. This is a great and simple to follow guide.You laid it all out clearly and showed series of examples that helped emphasize your various points. This guide will be very useful for me because there are so many kid in my surroundings . The indoor and otdoor activities listed in this article will surely be to their advantage.

    Thanks for sharing 

  5. Mikay2019


    Very lovely and I would like to add that these toddlers do activities in small groups to make them learn how to interact with each other. These activities will make it easy to know a child that is not happy. I must commend you for taking time to share the activities of your Montessori with others. Charity begins at home and the kind of upbringing children receive will determine the kind of person they will become.

    • Sandy Ness


      Thank you for your comment! And I do agree, working in small groups has many benefits and it helps children learn how to express themselves.

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