When setting up your child’s Montessori area is very important to maintain the space as organized and as clean as possible. It is understandable that children make messes and sometimes don’t place their toys or materials back where they belong, but in time your child will learn that everything has a place and how to clean after themselves. Simple is often the way to go when starting to teach our little ones how to be responsible and organized. With shelves, bins and other storage options, we can guide and teach them with ease. All the Montessori toys and materials can be placed neatly and with easy access.

Shelves and more shelves – Easy toy organization

The Maria Montessori method encourages freedom and accessibility which is why is always best to provide shelves that are inviting and comfortable for your children. A Montessori school will typically have the shelves set up per curriculum area but you can always change the theme and topic if there’s only a few at home.

When selecting, keep in mind your child’s height so that all the items can be reached and placed back without any help. It is also good to select one that is lightly colored. The reason for this is to make the materials stand out from the shelves. Darker shelves can be used but may not help the toys catch our children attention. You may prepare the shelves based on a specific topic or your child’s needs and interest.

It is important that these shelves are sturdy and can withstand the weight of a child. They can either be heavy enough not to fall over or be safely anchored. Safety is always extremely important. Make sure they’re secured when in use.

There are many option online or in stores when picking shelves for your home. You can find some options in stores like Ikea or online on amazon.com


The joy of reading – Organizing books

Books are very important in the life of every child. From story times to visualizing the images, there is much to learn from books. It is also important for the books to be displayed in an area where the children can see the front or back cover of the books instead of the spine. This makes it easier for children to be drawn to books and to be able to choose books for themselves. By laying them flat, they may have a stack of books lying around that they might never pay attention to.

The book display stands are great to have at home. It can hold books of almost any size and the children are able to see the front or back of the books. Additionally, it is easy to access and can make organizing books a breeze.


Puzzles – great fun and easy to organize

On some of our previous articles, we spoke about the many benefits puzzles can have on our children. There is a great variety of puzzles for every child with different topic, colors, textures and more. There are different options to organize puzzles but what matters is that the children can easily access the puzzles when they choose to. One option is the Melissa and Doug Puzzle storage rack which holds twelve puzzles. There are other options that can hold larger puzzles or a greater quantity.

Many options for organizing

There are many options to organize your child’s Montessori room. This was a small list of item I consider important for organizing a Montessori area since it helps to keep the room open for the children and it gives them the freedom to choose for themselves.

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