Children are always looking for something new and excited that they can try, do, touch, figure out and more. There is a whole world of fun and educational activities that can be provided for our children. The more fun they have, the more they will learn and the more they will look forward to doing different activities. It will not always be the same for every child but if you pay close attention, in time you can figure out what works best and what they like or even love to do.

I have worked with many children that absolutely love trying new and different puzzles while others have learned and loved trying out different activities such as writing, building and creating. We are all different but we can all learn through activities, even if its in different ways.

As mentioned, the amount of ideas that can be found for educational activities are endless. In continuation, I will share some educational activity that have worked for my children that I consider great to be included all around.

Color blending activity – Learning about colors

Color blending or color mixing is a wonderful educational activity that teaches our children the primary colors and what other colors can be created by mixing two or more colors together. This Montessori activity can be done with color tablets, color paint, crayons, color paddles or some markers. The idea is to show them the first color and letting them see what can happen when you add a new one.

You can start by practicing the primary colors (red, blue and yellow) and the secondary colors (green, orange, purple). For older children, you can explain that the primary colors are the ones that cannot be created by mixing other colors and that the secondary colors are the ones that are creating by mixing two of the primary ones. For the second step, have them mix two primary colors to create a whole different one. For example: yellow and blue makes green; red and blue makes purple; red and yellow makes orange.

Then you can have the children just mix the colors they wish to create their own masterpiece. It is a fun activity and they will practice the colors. It also helps them with recognizing colors by using them and by involving them in their activity. As mentioned, you can try different materials for this activity. You can also switch it up from time to time. They can start with paint and then switch with tablets or markers. It is also a fun activity that can be done at home, school or even in the bathtub.

You can find some color tablets on and even some with Disney packages here.

Cooking activities for toddlers – fun in the kitchen!

Cooking activities are a great practical life practice for children. There are also many benefits to these types of activities such as developing language skills, boosting confidence, following directions, measuring and motivating them to explore. You may start by giving them small and easy task while they learn.

Some great task for younger children include:

  • Washing vegetables
  • Gathering ingredients from the pantry that are easy to reach
  • Identifying and sorting products
  • Stirring ingredients
  • Sprinkling raisins, nuts or other ingredients

Simple recipes like brownies or even letting them help make sandwiches are beneficial for children. These activities allow the children to use all their senses. Children learn by doing and in the kitchen they get to learn different tastes, smells, the different sounds of kitchen appliances, how different types of food feel and how they look.

This activity also provides great family time. They get to enjoy learning something new with family and also get some tasty food afterwards. It is also a great chance to teach them about healthy food and healthy eating habits.

*Always be careful with small products or dangerous items to avoid any accidents*

Playing with Play-Doh and it’s benefits

Play-Doh is probably and all time favorite, although, it can get messy at times. Children usually have endless fun with Play-Doh and can boost their creativity. Using them plus adding item such as Play-Doh cutting knives or scissor and cookie cutter can help with their motor skills development.

For some, this can even be calming. Grabbing and rolling can be relaxing for some since it may improve focus and concentration as well as help with easing tension. It also helps promote play with other children, therefore, it is great activity for toddlers since it’s an opportunity to develop social skills.

It is also great for:

  • Arts and craft ideas for children
  • To practice colors
  • To practice creating shapes, letters and numbers
  • To practice cutting and molding

You can buy some on Amazon by clicking here.

Dress learning boards – Zip, tie, buckle, snap, lace and button

This educational activity is wonderful for children. It may help with teaching how to dress up at home or even for play time. These boards come with different tools for practicing and over time, children will learn how to get the hang of it. For younger children you can start with zipping and then work their way up to button and even buckling and tie.

The benefits of this activity includes:

  • Early learning of basic life skills
  • Develop motor skills and cognitive skills
  • Develop hand- eye coordination
  • Problem solving

It includes six different boards with different colors.

More ideas soon to come

This were some activities for toddles that we have been enjoying at the moment. I will post more educational activities in the future. Please let us know what you think and how are you enjoying the ideas. If you would like to add other ideas, please leave a comment.

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  1. JJ


    Wow, now I know what to do when my two grandchildren come to spend the day with me. I like all of these suggestions, my favorite being the cooking. I have never thought of involving them in cooking, but I see there are ways to involve them without exposing them to any harm. In addition, I know my grandchildren would be excited to taste, if they are involved in preparation. One way I use to occupy them is with musical toys, xylophone and hand drums. We sing and play and have a lot of fun. Thank you for your suggestions.

  2. Tolu


    Children are wonderful creatures. I was in a mission school in 2017 where I had the privilege to be made a class teacher to children under the age of 4 years. Children love coloring. Most times in other to keep them busy, I have to always engage them with color blending activities. This can enhance the creative aspect of them. In addition, when my kids were younger, their mum normally used the cooking activities for toddlers to get them involved with what she was doing in the kitchen. 

    • Sandy Ness


      Hi, that is great to know! It is a wonderful activity! I also give my kids a lot of coloring activities! They love to color and sometime add drawings to the paper 🙂 

  3. Olalekan


    Thanks for sharing this article. Children love exploring the world and doing new things to make them happy. I remember when I was a kid I do play with colour crayons with my friends just for the fun of it by drawing a ball, table, chair and painting with the crayon, I agree that colour blending activities will help children learn a lot and will be fun to them. This article is really informative. Parents can adopt this for their children. Thanks for sharing. 

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