When we think about creating that perfect Montessori area for our children, we think about wanting to create that wonderful space where our children can have fun, express themselves and at the same time, provide a space where they can learn. We learn best when we practice and do the activities ourselves rather than only reading about them or watching. By doing, it helps children gain a better understanding of the material.

Hands- on learning is an educational method included in the Montessori curriculum that involves encouraging the learner to learn something by doing it. This allows children to experiment with trial and error as well as learning from their mistakes. By providing the ability to learn in a hands-on area, they are often engaged and want to learn as much as possible. Another benefit of this type of learning is that it will increase their retention.

Every child is different and therefore, they learn differently. By incorporating this method, together with reading and/or watching, it may increase the chances of learning how to work together in a safe environment. It also lets them approach different aspects which opens up a collaborative approach to learning.


Top rated developmental toys for kids – five stars!

  • Melissa and Doug Match and Roll Shape sorter is a great educational toy for children twelve months or older. Toddlers can drop the shapes trough the color matched holes then roll the drum. The shapes includes hexagon, octagon, square, star, rectangle and others.
    • The benefit of this toy is that it helps teach color and shape recognition, problem solving, hand coordination and encourages sorting skills.

  • Grimm’s small wooden Rainbow piece was design to motivate kids to be creative. It’s a multi color toy that includes six pieces of different sizes. It’s teach children about stacking, building, colors and encourages open-ended play.
    • This material for toddlers is made of wood and can be used to turn arches into tunnels, bridges and little homes for small toys.
    • It helps children with learning colors and well as getting creative by building with different sizes.
  • My Magnetic Daily Calendar is one that can be used by kids to learn the days of the week, the months of the year, seasons and more. Children will feel a greater sense of responsibility when they help post the weather, events and more in this Melissa and Doug magnetic calendar.
    • With this calendar, we can encourage our children to post their mood to express their emotions and encourage communications. It also includes fields for dates, temperature, season, activity, weather and more.
    • Additionally, it helps reassure expectations about the events in their lives and have a daily activity to look forward to.

  • The ABC- 123 Abacus is another Melissa and Doug product that can be added to the educational toys for children. Included are thirty-six double-sided tiles that are made of wood and colorful. It features the alphabet, number one thought ten and playful illustrations.
    • The spinning images encourage children to play and learn. It helps teach numbers, letters, patterns and colors.
    • It can also help encourage hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.


Additional educational toys for children – more fun learning

  • The Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Sit, Stride and Ride Lion includes ten buttons that light up and plays music and phrases so that the children can sit and play. The seats pops up and helps make steps sturdier by becoming a handle or children can sit and ride the lion for fun scooting.
    • This fun toy helps teach colors and number as well as playful song and phrases. Also, it helps develop motor skills.
  • The Deluxe Jumbo Cardboard Blocks from Melissa and Doug toys includes forty pieces that’ll keep children entertained for hours. With these lightweight blocks they can get as creative as they like.
    • The blocks help spark children creativity when they start creating and building.
  • The Fisher-Price Classic Infant Trio Set includes Baby’s first blocks, Classic Xylophone and Rock-A-Stack. They are bright and colorful developmental toys that help foster fine motor skills and problem solving.
    • The Rock-A-Stack helps the baby understand the concept of relative size.
    • The Classic Xylophone is for them to create music
    • The Baby’s first blocks helps develop the baby’s problem solving skills
    • All three toys helps fingers and hand dexterity and hand-eye coordination that helps the babies learn as they play.

Educational toys for children

This was a list of a few children’s toy that can help with their development one way or another and that are entertaining for children. These toys are meant to teach them in different ways while they are enjoying what they’re doing. Most of these help with dexterity, problem solving and hand-eye coordination. Having them learn colors, numbers, and more by doing can also help with memory. There are many toys that can be used to help them learn and have fun.

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    I just love your niche! There are so many toys, which are just toys, without any deeper purpose. I think it is important to start learning in young age, of course with fun ways!

    I will definitely buy something educational toys for my goddaughter! That My Magnetic Daily Calendar really got me interested.

    Thank you for this interesting post!

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    Hi, I do agree that it’s important to start at a young age, specially when they can do it while having fun!. I got the calendar for my niece and she absolutely loves it. Thank you for your comment.

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