As previously mention on our Melissa and Doug puzzles for toddlers article, puzzles are an essential part of our children’s development. There are many great benefits to having your child learn and explore with puzzles. As a reminder, some of these benefits include: fine motor development, strategies, cooperative play and increases visual awareness. Let’s not forget how they help with shapes, color and letters.

Puzzles are great fun for everyone including younger children. They will learn how puzzles work and in time, they’ll even remember how and where a puzzle piece will go. There are many topics and different sized puzzles available in most stores as well as online. You can read more on our previous article about puzzles here.

Some puzzles listed are floor puzzles or jumbo puzzles that have other benefits in addition to those that typical puzzles have. Floor puzzles are big enough to encourage the children to involve their whole body. It requires them to move around, change positions, and to move pieces around and reach for them. Since they require whole body movement, it helps increase a child’s interest and helps them be determined to complete the puzzle.

Adding puzzles that include pictures that children are very much interested in will also help with their involvement. Some may lean towards finishing that big, great dinosaur puzzle while others might want to complete the colorful sea puzzle. It’s great to add some with themes that are of big interest for the children. They will be more likely to complete it with much more excitement.

Melissa and Doug Shaped Floor Puzzles- The Dinosaur, Firetruck and Farm

This shaped floor puzzles pack includes:

  • An amazing looking T-rex with 48 pieces.
  • A beautiful farm with a couple of animals that has 24 pieces
  • A great, fun fire truck that includes another 24 pieces.

These floor puzzles are easy to clean and has thick cardboard pieces for longer lasting and better grasp.

You can get the pack here or you can also order them separately.

T-rex can be found by clicking here or here on

Farm animals here or on

Fire Truck can be found here or on

Melissa and Doug Solar System Puzzle

This is another floor puzzle that includes 48 pieces with wonderful images and colors. It has more than a thousand reviews on Amazon and currently had a rating of five stars! It has an amazing image and it is also easy to clean, making it last longer and easy to clean spills. Additionally, it helps promote hand- eye coordination.

Order it from

Religious puzzle – David and Goliath

This David and Goliath puzzle has 30 pieces and a great image. It can be an educational toy for those who wish to incorporate religion in fun, educational puzzles. This puzzle has unique shapes and children can enjoy a Biblical story line.

Different shapes and all kids of fun

Please remember that there are puzzles of all kinds of themes. There are themes out there for everyone and they are great and educational. This short list was to mention some of the best of Melissa and Doug puzzles that you can order in stores or online. Let us know what puzzle you or your children love to play with the most!

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