Best of Melissa and Doug puzzles

As previously mention on our Melissa and Doug puzzles for toddlers article, puzzles are an essential part of our children’s development. There are many great benefits to having your child learn and explore with puzzles. As a reminder, some of these benefits include: fine motor development, strategies, cooperative play and increases visual awareness. Let’s not

Educational activities for toddlers

Children are always looking for something new and excited that they can try, do, touch, figure out and more. There is a whole world of fun and educational activities that can be provided for our children. The more fun they have, the more they will learn and the more they will look forward to doing

Kids room organization ideas – The Montessori way

When setting up your child’s Montessori area is very important to maintain the space as organized and as clean as possible. It is understandable that children make messes and sometimes don’t place their toys or materials back where they belong, but in time your child will learn that everything has a place and how to

Developmental toys – hands-on learning

When we think about creating that perfect Montessori area for our children, we think about wanting to create that wonderful space where our children can have fun, express themselves and at the same time, provide a space where they can learn. We learn best when we practice and do the activities ourselves rather than only

Melissa and Doug puzzles for toddlers – alphabet puzzles, animals and more

Puzzles are an essential part of the Montessori curriculum. Through puzzles, children develop concentration, hand- eye coordination, cognitive skills, fine motor development and more. In addition to the benefits, puzzles are a fun activity that children enjoy. These vary from size, texture and topic which provides different learning opportunities and endless fun. Melissa and Doug